About the manufacturer:

Paul-dent toothpaste is manufactured by the renowned DENTAL-Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG in Dresden, Germany. With 110 years of experience and dedication in oral care, DENTAL-Kosmetik is the ideal partner for a successful private label brand.

In 1907, the pharmacist Ottomar von Mayenburg invented the toothpaste in the tube - Chlorodont. Starting in the attic of his "Löwen-Apotheke" (Lion pharmacy), he soon required more space and founded the Leo-Factory in 1917. Within 15 years they became the biggest toothpaste manufacturer in Europe with a world-wide distribution.

After the Second World War production was resumed as VEB Elbe-Chemie, which became the sole supplier for oral care products in the GDR and most of Eastern Europe. Famous brands like Putzi, el-ce med and elkadent were created during that time. Nowadays, DENTAL-Kosmetik lives up to its legacy and is still one of the biggest private label manufacturers for toothpaste in Europe.

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