Particulary important: no aggressive chemical bleaching agents are used that might damage the enamel of the dentine on the tooth necks. Paul-dent 3D whitening toothpaste features a medium abrasive with a special salt that with regular use allows an efective but gentle removal of dental stains.
These natural herbs ensure that gums are cared for and strenthened, white at the same time noticeably reducing signs gingvitis. A fresh, revitalizing aroma composition gives this toothpaste a distinctive, fresh character. Thus, will give you a pleasant fresh breath and a comfortably clean mouth feeling in the mouth.

Propolis toothpaste

Specification: 100 ml / 1450 ppm Fluorid
Country of origin: Germany
Target group: adults
Features: Daily oral care with the natural power of propolis.
Paul-dent Propolis toothpaste strengthens your gum
against gingival bleeding and oral ulcers.
Not suitable for children under 6.
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